Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together answers on subjects that guests have been most concerned about.  If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

What to Expect

The Kenya Shilling is freely exchangeable.  All major credit cards are accepted.

Most game-viewing activities occur early morning and late afternoon. Your Safari clothing should include a light or heavy jacket (based upon the time of year), walking shoes, Nylon pants and or shorts which will keep you comfortable and dry on the cooler or warmer morning/afternoon game drives.

What You'll See
Our guides will show you the best area’s to view and strive to find the BIG Five or the animals associated with the Reserve you are visiting. However, since this is your Once in a Lifetime Safari adventure, our guides are flexible and will ask if you have any special requests to see a particular place or species.

Get a Good Start
Even though most of our Safaris are relatively inactive, it is highly suggested to start the day with a good breakfast. Most Lodges/Camps will serve a full array of food.  You can expect cereals, fruit, breads, and eggs cooked to order.

On colder mornings, your guide might suggest to leave the Camp/Lodge a little later, when the day starts to warm up.

Video & Photography
Our Safari vehicles are open air (roof opens on a hinge), which will provide you many great opportunities to take video or still photography.

Staying Hydrated
Bottled water will be provided to you on every Safari drive. You will need to drink enough water to avoid dehydration, especially during the warmer months of the year.

Typical Days
After your early morning Safari drive which normally will last 3 1/2 -4 hours, you will return to the Camp/Lodge where you will be able to relax prior to lunch. Many of the lodges have swimming pools, small reading and card playing areas or other relaxing activities for your enjoyment.

Most luncheons will be served buffet style to meet your relaxation time schedule. Meals normally will include meat and or fish of the day, a variety of vegetables, soup and a dessert tray.

After lunch, you might decide to take an afternoon nap or if available, go for a swim in the swimming pool. Or, you might just want to spend some time meeting and discussing your morning Safari with fellow explorers.

Most lodges and camps serve a mid-afternoon/high tea with biscuits for your afternoon enjoyment.

Your late afternoon/early evening game drive which will normally last approximately 3 – 3/12 hours will provide you with a variety of animal species possibly not seen during your morning drive.

Our guide will also attempt to find a scenic spot for you as the sun starts to descend below the African Savannah horizon. Since the sunset’s rather quickly in East Africa, you most likely will return to the Lodge/Camp about ½ hour prior to dark.

Upon return from your afternoon drive, most Lodges/Camps will have a lounge area for a pre-diner beverage of your choice which could be charged to your room.

As with lunch, your diner might be served buffet style within an open restaurant dining facility. Diner will normally include Chicken, Pork, Fish and or a Beef dish served with your choice of vegetables, soups and desserts. However as with any of your meals, please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Diner dress codes vary between Lodges/Camps, but usually smart-casual is appropriate.

After diner has concluded, you could take refuge with an after diner beverage (which could be charged to your room) and sit around an open fire pit to get to know your fellow adventurers.

Bring a Jacket Just in Case--and Don't Forget the Bug Spray
A light or heavy Jacket might be necessary on cooler evenings depending on the time of year you elect to take your Safari.  You might want to also bring with you mosquito repellant for the early morning and evening hours.

Once in A Lifetime Safari takes pride to ensure you have the best Safari experience possible. Please let us know if you have any additional questions relating to your Once In A Lifetime Safari SM adventure.

This is largely up to you. The quality of service will obviously dictate the amount. Service charge is included in most hotels and lodges. It is advisable to tip the tour drivers well.

Thanks again for allowing us to help you plan your adventure!